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Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Lace See-through…

Style1 Size Measurement:
S : Bust---31.2"-35.9" Waist---30.4" Length(withou strap)---20.7"
M : Bust---32.0"-36.7" Waist---31.2" Length(withou strap)---20.7"
L : Bust---33.5"-38.2" Waist---32.4" Length(withou strap)---21.1"
XL : Bust---34.3"-39.0" Waist---33.5" Length(withou strap)---22.6"
XXL : Bust---35.1"-39.8" Waist---34.3" Length(withou strap)---25.7"

Style2 Size Measurement:
S size : Bust---28.1"-30.4" G-string Waist---22.6"-25"
M size : Bust---29.1"...

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Style1 Size Measurement:
S : Bust—31.2″-35.9″ Waist—30.4″ Length(withou strap)—20.7″
M : Bust—32.0″-36.7″ Waist—31.2″ Length(withou strap)—20.7″
L : Bust—33.5″-38.2″ Waist—32.4″ Length(withou strap)—21.1″
XL : Bust—34.3″-39.0″ Waist—33.5″ Length(withou strap)—22.6″
XXL : Bust—35.1″-39.8″ Waist—34.3″ Length(withou strap)—25.7″

Style2 Size Measurement:
S size : Bust—28.1″-30.4″ G-string Waist—22.6″-25″
M size : Bust—29.1″-31.2″ G-string Waist—25″-27.3″
L size : Bust—30.4″-35.1″ G-string Waist—28.5″-31.2″
XL size : Bust—34.3″-40.6″ G-string Waist—31.2″-34.3″
XXL size : Bust—36.7″43.7″ G-string Waist—35.9″-39″

Style3 Size Measurement:
S size : Bust—28.1″-31.2″ G-string Waist—24.2″
M size : Bust—29.6″-32.8″ G-string Waist—28.1″
L size : Bust—30.4″-33.5″ G-string Waist—29.6″
XL size : Bust—32.0″-35.9″ G-string Waist—32.4″
XXL size : Bust—34.3″-39.0″ G-string Waist—38.2″


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