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What men like about sexy lingerie
March 4, 2022

What men like about sexy lingerie

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Men and Spicy, Sexy Lingerie

As we know men are visually driven ( visual animals 🙂 ), and so ladies, isn’t it true we are paranoid about how they think
we look in our lingerie? There is a psychological element to wearing sexy lingerie in that it affects us emotionally. Whether it gives us a sensual feeling, makes us feel sexier, make us lose our inhibitions, or make us more passionate, it’s different for every gal.

In speaking to a few men, they have indicated the urge to “rip” lingerie off as it has such a sexy, animal effect on them. He
wants you to feel like a goddess while you adorn your body with the sexiest lingerie. He does not want you to put it on, to find out you dislike the process or are very conscious about the whole reveal. He would prefer you to be feel comfortable with whatever makes you comfortable and sexy. Men are generally very impatient when it comes to sex and sexiness. Lingerie makes for hot sex…remember men are visual beings and the more you can simulate that portion of the brain that is receptive to your outfit, the more likely you can expect sex to be special.

In general, we women don’t see ourselves as sexy and we always have something that irks us about our bodies. Some other women don’t. As always, if it becomes where it is so dreadful for you to put on your sexiest lingerie, then you can abandon the idea and make it up in some hot, connected, pleasurable sex where you are giving and receiving.

With a whole host of sensual lingerie available to you, explore different styles, fabrics, cuts and lengths to see what your are most comfortable with. Men are turned on by lingerie period. So, any indication of sexy lingerie underneath will trigger special emotions and behaviors. It’s a given! Allow your self, knowing this fact, to explore your inner
goddess. You have an element of power in the bedroom with the sexiest lingerie. Make it happen!!

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