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Which lingerie is right for you?
April 29, 2016

Which lingerie is right for you?

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Getting the right lingerie for you

As the saying goes with opinions, we all have noses and butts, they are just different shapes and sizes. When it comes to matching your body type with the right lingerie,
it is no different. As the female body ranges from a petite size to a plus size, so does the requirements for the type of lingerie to be worn. From corsets to teddies, this is
definitely some requires a little bit of research. You certainly don’t want things to end up too large or too tight for your liking. So, it will take some practice on your part to get it right. After all, there is no compromising the sensual, desirable, sexy feeling you are trying to conjure up for that special occasion.

What to buy
Lingerie ranges different sizes, as in G Strings, to comfort as in body hugging. Depending on the look you are wanting portrait, much consideration has to be given
to material, color, fabric and coverage. No doubt sexy lingerie give you the means to change the sexual game and it’s outcome in a heartbeat. The style of lingerie can determine whether you are in an exotic mood, an aggressive mood (usual associated with black latex or leather), a submissive mood or an outright naughty mood ( more scantily cuts, minimal with revealing cutouts). Whether it’s latex, leather, lace, rubber, cotton, polyester, silk, satin, velvet , familiarize your self with the look and feel. Know which gives you the ego-boost you seek to enhance your sexiness.

Sexy Lingerie for your body
Know which colors compliments your complexion, hair color and eye color. From the fiery red, to the subtle pink and white, the lingerie color and either flatter or enhance. Experiment with the various colors such as emerald, fuchsia, pearl, blue, coral, aqua, royals and bright colors. Look at the satin for feel, lace see through, leather for tightness, silk for softness and velvet for breatheability.

Tips for choosing the right lingerie
1) Black color lingerie works wonders to hide flaws
2) Avoid fabrics with horizontal lines
3) It is very important to know your bra size and cup fit
4) Look at laced edged thongs for comfort and no lines
5) Body-con type and body suit lingerie flatters your
figure most.

IMPORTANT: Never try on underwear in the store so it
touches your bare genitalia. Always over the ones you
are wearing.

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