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The reason women love lingerie
why do women love lingerie
April 13, 2016

The reason women love lingerie

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Why women love lingerie

There are a number of theories surrounding why women enjoy wearing lingerie. The fact is their self-esteem and confidence get a boost as a result. Lingerie has been used for hundreds of years and became a normal part of society. It was used primarily in the past as a way to please men. However, in today’s society, lingerie has become a way for women to lift their self-esteem, feel sexy, and see themselves as more attractive for themselves rather than for the benefit of the opposite sex.

Sexy lingerie has a way of transforming the female’s psychic to that of sensuousness, sexiness, and confidence. Many today wear the sexiest lingerie because of its comfort and sleekness. It has become less restrictive and contours to the body nicely. Lingerie designer have pour millions into design and look to ensure this.

For women, it’s all about self image. Used a great tool to promote independence, freedom, vibrancy, personal sexuality, sensuality, beauty, confidence and sensitivity. This being said, women enjoy the ritual behind shopping for the perfect lingerie. Why, because at minimum, if you look sexy, you feel sexy, hence, you awake the desire in you. The pleasure is all hers.

There’s no one answer to that question since every woman has different reasons for why they like sexy lingerie. Maybe they feel more confident and sexy when they’re wearing it, or maybe they just enjoy the way it looks and feels. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that sexy lingerie can be a lot of fun to wear!


women love lingerie

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